Sunday, March 06, 2011

Your Comments on "Tiramisu"

Hey,Guys, Let's check our how many comments I got for my "Tiramisu". I have  already got 11 Retweets and 24 Comments on my Tweets about my last post- 【Tiramisu】, that 's really inspiring !!! Thank you all of you for sharing and giving me such sweet comments , you guys really 'pull me up', every time I saw your comments and praise on my dessert tweets or from my blog, I was just like being  surrounded by love and warm encouragement from all of you. Each of you is my precious ingredient of the "♨Dessert.S®". Your constant support is my motivation of keeping  going, lov you all!~ stay tuned !~

@SarahWW:" Yesterday, I made an Italian classic dessert-Tiramisu, Post a picture first for you guys, it still be in fridge right now~ I am gonna have it as my afternoon tea today!""

@SarahWW:"It's been taken out of the fridge and ready to be served now, how's it look?"

Here are the comments from Sina weibo and Facebook! I have collected all of them and I am gonna show them here:

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@Lillagreca:"Tiramisu happens to be one of my favorite desserts and I have tried many different recipes (most of them turned out great)..This looks like a wonderful recipe and I love the presentation! Very pretty and tempting!"

@Xuyuyu:"I like the feel~have to retweet it!" 

@Sharon :"I have tasted it! just one word to describe - Brilliant! I really enjoy the Tiramisu, , fantastic! oh yeah~!"

@Yvon:" Mouth Watering!!! I want to eat it !~"

@wangshiji:" I really want to taste it! It looks yummy~mouth watering now....!"
@jetchin:" You can also add red wine into the recipe, it tastes nice, I often make Tiramisu as well~!"
@Commebebe:" oh my gosh~Always gorgeous, always mouth watering when I see your dessert pictures!~"
"@wendy_sakuraJ:" ohohohoh~! That's my favourite dessert!~"
@sumxiaoyin:"OH~Dont tempt us ~!"
@Ichloel:"Wow~! Awesome~!"
@echo:"Wow~it looks gorgeous~!"
@leewong:"I love this dessert!!! an amazing yaaaaaaaaaaaammy look!!! btw,Sharon, you’ll do it for me when you back home right?!!"
@Yi:" I LOVE tiramisu!!! u r such a genius and this is gonna be wonderful.!"
@Jill:"Sorry dear, I’m late. The tiramisu looks amazing. I guess it must taste so as well. I noticed you didn’t use liquor. I really recommend tiramisu from California Pizza Kitchen in LA. You should try it when you come here, lol~"

@Amanda:“haha~ I really like this dessert? I am looking forward your next dessert post!~"

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