Tuesday, February 15, 2011

About ♨Dessert.S ®

I am SarahWW
This is my Bilingual Blog
Obviously, from its name you might guess out the blog is about Dessert~Yep! That's True!
It is a Social Platform of making desserts, talking about desserts and enjoying being part of it!

But wait.......It's definitely beyond "Dessert"

Because the "Dessert" still followed by an ".S"....

could stands for me @SarahWW: Given myself some TAGs like: Desserts, Music, Trombone, Weibo Addict (twitter), Smile, New Media, Shanghai, Cancer
(star sign)...

could be the plural form of "Dessert", cuz there are not only just one piece of cake here~I will explore several recipes for a certain dessert, which would help you to have a try and find the best one for yourself.

could stands for "Simple": Don't worry if you a fresh hand, I will promise you that the process of making desserts would be simple and btw, I am a fresh hand as well and currently anti-complicated thing!~

could stands for "Social": "Dessert.S" is an active social com
munity of interactive sharing, healthy experiencing and lifestyle enjoyment, I need your participation, your comments, and your share of enjoyment.

It is a special Site especially designed for You-My Friends. Anyone who comment and share my post in blog or Sina Weibo, or Facebook, or Twitter would be simultaneously added a Link with their name on the Wall.

It is a platform for everyone gather together and getting start to follow or share moments with each other. As I said that Each one of You is the Greatest Ingredient of My "Dessert.S", I hope You could help me to Cover the Full Wall, and find some friends from there~
Looking Forward You would be Showed as

could stands for
"Sweet": Desserts + Friends = Sweet Life/Moment!

Basically, I will post one classic, simple making dessert each week . However, I am not gonna bored you by simple guiding the making process.

You are the crucial part of my blog,Your comments and Your Tweets/Retweets on the Blog, Weibo (Twitter), Facebook would be inserted into my posts.
It must be interesting to involving all of my friends accompanied with me to start this new Journey!!!

Looking forward to hearing from each one of you! :)

I would like to embracing more Explanations of ".S" from You, what would do you think the special meaning might behind ?
(It could be titled for a "tiny Joke", or a "tiny novel", or a "tiny conversation"....)

Do let me have Your ".S"!!!:)

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    1. “.S”could stands for “Stoty”: To share the stories about dessert with our friends, keep our memories fresh and warm.

    2. haha~yep!that's a Great explanation!and that is also what I pursue to achieve in here~ just like you say,sharing our stories for keeping warm our memories!!!~
      I really like this tiny "story"!~haha


    3. S for sexy.
      Women can cook are so sexy~
      Mua~hope everything is great for you.

    4. haha~Genius! Given ".S" an explanation of "Sexy“is really awesome!!!I extremely like it!!!
      thx for sharing this pint of "sexy" view~!

    5. Fine...I cant sleep..i got lots of S for you actually...
      S for slim.
      Dessert makes girls happy. So don't reject dessert for losing weight. Be a happy girl rather than a slim girl. (Actually, Chief Wang is that got dessert keep girl slim?)

    6. Silly man give sweet words, and smart man give desserts.

    7. Still slender after eating soooooo sweet desserts.O(∩_∩)O

    8. .S for "safe and sound".
      every time when i was in the kitchen doing cooking or baking, no matter what a bad mood i was in, i would feel peace again. Kitchen is the second place where i find myself safe and sound, the first one is my bathtub.
      best wishes~

    9. s for safe and sound.
      every time when i was doing cooking or baking, no matter what a bad mood i was in, i would feel peace again. kitchen is the second place where i found myself safe and sound, the first one is my bathtub.
      best wishes~

    10. ".S" could be shiny, like the desserts you have cooked.
      I am always being attracted with mouthwatering when I was browsing your microBlog.

      Dear,Keep going~~~
      We'll always be with you~~~

    11. oh~".S"for "Silly"man,that's 100% true except they flatter a girl for "sexy" desserts making!~lol~

    12. haha~".S" for "Slender",Brilliant!you just shouted out the ultimate aim of us~! That's what girls/women want!!!~

      p.s have a look at @Zhang zhiwei, she grab the "Slim" for ".S" and giving the slogan with:"Be a happy girl rather than a slim girl!" ~ :)

    13. That's true!100% agree with you! I just feel great when I finally eat a dessert made by myself~and I really enjoy the process of making them~ it's really sort of moment you can calm down yourself just be drenched in the Pure safe and sound enjoyment!
      Btw,I miss my Bathtub!!!~haha~
      Thanks for giving me your peaceful ".S"!~lov you~!


    14. Haha I like your ".S"! ".S" for "Shiny"! It's really inspiring and thanks for giving me such a warm encouragement, everytime I saw your comments and compliments on my dessert tweet in micro blog, I just feel as I was being up in the air~! Your company literally, is the Shiny part of the "Dessert.S"! And your continously warm support is my motivation of keeping "Shiny"!~
      Thanks,Olinda,lov you!
      All of you are the most Shiny "ingredients" of My "Dessert.S"!!!


    15. point is slim and smart...

    16. haha~and........"Silly",it's a special one for now,must keep it~!
      "Be Smart, don't keep Slim for a Silly man~" how's that? Lol~:D